Building Automation

computer workIntegrated Facility Management

Integration of facility control systems provides our clients with a central location to receive and respond to events affecting facility operating conditions. An integrated facility also provides scheduling capability and tracking of after-hours to ensure correct operating conditions, the allocation of costs to appropriate departments or tenants, and detection of abnormal building conditions before safety or comfort is compromised.

Direct Digital Controls (DDC)

Direct Digital Controls (DDC) are often used to control Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) devices via microprocessors using software to perform the control logic. DDC systems receive analog and digital inputs from the sensors and devices installed in the HVAC system; the control logic then provides analog or digital outputs to control the HVAC system devices. These systems may be integrated with software that graphically allow operators to monitor, control, alarm, and diagnose building equipment remotely. Kratos has successfully implemented hundreds of DDC systems, which provide their users the convenience of remote access and control to manage multiple building interfaces.

Lighting Control

Lighting control is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the quality and flexibility of a building. Control of lighting systems may include on/off controls, occupancy sensors and photocells, scheduled use, and use on-demand.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is designed to help extend the life of equipment and provide increased reliability. Monitoring conditions within a facility allows proactive response prior to any equipment malfunction and may include temperature, humidity, water, and power. System monitoring will provide the early warnings necessary to minimize impact on network availability.

System Monitoring

Kratos PSS has a service center designed to meet the demand for 24-hour monitoring of mission-critical facilities and equipment. We successfully combine the convenience and benefits of a monitored system with a full maintenance and service group to provide maximum cost savings to our clients. These services include technician support, phone support, emergency service, preventive maintenance, system commissioning, event monitoring, system database maintenance, and system status reporting, all through our 24/7 dispatch center.