Did You Know...

One in four campuses are not prepared to respond to active shooters.1

In 2011, students ages 12–18 were victims of about 1,246,000 nonfatal victimizations at school, including 648,600 thefts and 597,500 violent victimizations. This was more than the number of nonfatal victimizations that occurred at school in 2010.2

That is why security is an ever-growing necessity for educational institutions. Kratos PSS has extensive experience with major universities, community colleges, elementary school systems, and other education facilities. We can help your school deploy new one-card solutions, emergency notification systems, emergency communication platforms, command and control centers and specialized low-cost door security systems for dormitories.


Video Surveillance
Kratos PSS can help better protect your students, faculty, and staff across all of your campuses and buildings by providing a complete Video Surveillance and Video Management System. 
Access Control, Badging & Door Entry Management
Kratos PSS can provide you with an integrated access control system to help restrict and manage access to buildings, offices, classrooms, and dorm rooms. 
Emergency & Mass Notification Systems
Kratos PSS can provide emergency and mass notification systems, which is an integral part of both emergency and non-emergency communications. Mass notification can help minimize loss of human life and give up-to-the-moment information to increase safety. 
Comply with Standards & Regulations
Kratos PSS has the expertise to ensure that your building's security system and processes meet standards and regulations.

Fire & Life Safety
Kratos PSS can provide cost-effective fire protection solutions, such as fire alarms, voice evacuation, mass notification systems, and pre-action detection. 

Maintain Your System & Minimize Risk
Kratos PSS offers customized maintenance and service contracts that will keep your security system up and running at all times and minimize the risk of equipment being out of service. All of these can be integrated into a single, seamless system that can increase your campus's security while reducing the cost to implement and maintain it.

1DOJ 2012 School Crime and Safety Report
2Campus Safety Magazine