Emergency Action Planning

Diversified Security Solutions, Inc. (DSSI) creates Emergency Action Plans, provides training, conducts drills, and offers an "All Hazard Mobile App" for smartphones that can be licensed to building staff and tenants.

Emergency Action Plans

Helping organizations and building owners respond quickly and effectively to an emergency situation by:
  • Creating a Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan
  • Creating teams within the organization to perform specific roles
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities
  • Conducting table top exercises, staff training sessions, warden and deputy warden training sessions, and drills

Fire Safety Consultation

Our clients receive over 500 years of combined experience from New York City Fire Officers.

All Hazard Mobile App

Our Smartphone App is designed to be a step-by-step procedural guide for all staff and their specific roles during an emergency. The App includes:

  • Incident response tab for 25 different possible emergencies
  • List of individual staff roles and responsibilities
  • Incident announcements
  • Floor drawings
  • Building information card
  • Map of outside assembly areas
  • Live emergency contact phone numbers and email addresses

Contact DSSI

17 Battery Place, Ste 701
New York, NY 10004
Main: (212) 240-9500
Fax: (212) 240-9090

All Hazard Mobile App

DSSI Mobile App

The All Hazard Mobile App provides step-by-step procedural guidelines for an emergency situation. View the flyer »