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Early History and the Creation of Kratos PSS:

The history of Kratos Public Safety & Security Solutions, Inc. (Kratos PSS) began when its parent company, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, was still known as Wireless Facilities, Inc. (WFI). Founded in 1994, WFI was a leading independent provider of the design, deployment, and management of wireless networks.  In 2004, WFI entered the physical security market with the acquisition of Suntech Systems based in Marietta, Georgia.  WFI then purchased Newport, Delaware based security integrator; Delmarva Systems Corp. Delmarva was started by current Kratos PSS EVP of Operational Excellence, Fred Thomas, and his father in 1981. WFI finished out the year by also acquiring Enco Systems of Houston, Texas. Following the acquisitions, WFI’s board of directors decided to change the company’s direction and focus on becoming a leading defense contractor and security systems integrator for federal, state, and local agencies as well as large-scale commercial enterprises. In 2007, WFI officially changed its name to Kratos Defense & Security Solutions and completely divested its wireless related assets.  The name Kratos was chosen because of the Greek root word signifying strength and power.  As part of the reorganization, the security integration business became the Public Safety & Security Division (Kratos PSS).

Growth and Acquisitions:

Kratos PSS continued to develop its national presence and became the 14th largest integrator in the United States by 2009.  In 2010, Kratos PSS made its largest acquisition to date by purchasing Henry Brothers Electronics (HBE).  HBE was founded by John Henry in the early 1950s as an electronics repair shop before successfully expanding into the commercial electronic communications systems industry. In 1960, the company became a Motorola Service Shop (MSS), providing system design, integration, installation, project management, and maintenance. In 1986, HBE was sold to Communications Group, Inc., (CGI) a public company, but was repurchased by Jim Henry (currently Kratos PSS Executive Vice President) and Irv Witcosky in 1989. Under Jim’s guidance, the company expanded across the country and experienced impressive levels of growth.  As a result of this success, HBE was able to go public in November of 2001. By the time HBE was sold to Kratos PSS, it was one of the largest and most successful integrators in the country. The acquisition not only strengthened Kratos PSS’ access control and video surveillance services, it also significantly expanded its capabilities across the country.

The following year, Kratos PSS made another major purchase when it acquired Ingersoll Rand’s security integration business. Ingersoll Rand (IR), known for its mechanical security solutions, decided to enter the Security Integration business in 2003 as part of the company’s strategy to offer a complete solution from product development to installation and service.   Its first major purchase was Electronic Technologies Corp (ETC) based out of Dover Plains, New York.  ETC was founded in 1987, had 33 offices throughout the country, and with customers including financial service companies, multi-site manufacturers, and national retailers. IR continued to grow its integration business in the following years and made its next major acquisition in 2005 when it bought Security One based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The purchase of Security One increased IR’s footprint in the Southeast. By the time of its acquisition by Kratos, IR had 28 offices across the US with over 400 hundred employees.

Present Day:

In January of 2013, the division officially rebranded all business units as Kratos Public Safety & Security Solutions, Inc. Kratos PSS currently has over 500 employees in 31 locations across the United States.  The company has continued to experience rapid growth; Kratos PSS currently ranks as the 4th largest integrator. The high level of technical experience Kratos PSS offers is the result of accomplishing projects at a level of complexity virtually unmatched by our competitors, as well as completing projects utilizing a wide variety of security technologies. The staff includes bench and field technicians trained and certified by product manufacturers to ensure the highest level of ability and a service department that is available to answer calls and respond to requests for service 24/7/365. Kratos PSS maintains a nationwide customer base, comprised of transit agencies, airports, critical infrastructure, healthcare facilities, universities & public schools, high rise buildings, government facilities (Federal, State, and Local), sports stadiums, retail chains, and banking.


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