Maintenance & Service

Project Management 

Kratos PSS believes that our clients are best served with a single point of contact to work with them throughout a project. Our project managers have full responsibility for fulfilling the requirements of the project. Utilizing our advanced program and process management tools, our project managers coordinate large projects by following our standards created over 50 years of systems integration. This ensures that the appropriate steps are taken on every job to guarantee a reliable system and a successful installation in a repeatable fashion. Our pool of capable project managers affords us flexibility in the assignment of a project manager to a job, basing the decision on workload, availability, experience with specific technologies, and customer needs. Key personnel are available on a 24/7 basis throughout North America.

Design Engineering

Our Design Engineering Team has completed projects ranging in size from simple card reader systems to complex, multi-site, redundant, real-time systems combining access control, video management, intrusion detection, perimeter detection, and identification management. By servicing a variety of industries including transportation, industrial, commercial, nuclear, and military, our engineers have been exposed to a wide range of industry and government compliance requirements and have the experience of navigating those requirements to aid you through the process.

Installation, Maintenance & Staffing

Kratos PSS has the capability and bandwidth to accommodate virtually any size project, including initial installation, ongoing maintenance and upgrades, and full 24/7 staffing. Our experience with large prime contractors, as well as building trades and IT VARs, gives our customers scalable and flexible solutions.


Kratos PSS recognizes that the consistent delivery of superior service requires the careful design and execution of a whole system of activities that includes people, technology, and processes.

We offer various levels of service contracts ranging from normal business hours to 24/7 service with a response time of four hours. Qualified technicians experienced with your particular system are immediately available to troubleshoot and resolve any equipment issue. We take steps to ensure that service parts are readily available when you need them. In addition, we provide customized service and maintenance plans tailored to meet the particular needs of your facility. Through continuous product training, our staff stays current with changing technology to deliver the highest quality service.

Contact the SSDC

For service related inquiries, contact our Service & Scheduling Dispatch Center (SSDC), which is available 24/7:

(866) 225-6221