Healthcare Communications Solutions

Kratos PSS provides enhanced communications solutions for healthcare institutions.


Nurse Call
  • Patient-staff and staff-staff communication
  • System integrations connecting directly to other communications
  • One sign on
  • Work flow, bed status, HCAHPS, rounding, staff satisfaction
  • Reporting exceptions, detailed response time
  • Solution for extended care check-in, wireless pendant
Enterprise Wireless Communications
  • DECT-cost effective, flexible and user friendly
  • Wi-Fi voice over wireless LAN solutions for enterprise IP and legacy PBX systems
  • 900 MHz-rich PBX functionality over a voice dedicated network
  • Business application integration
Infant Protection & Patient Wandering
  • Loss prevention
  • Infant security
  • Wandering patient protection
  • Pediatric protection
  • Staff duress
Real Time Locating
  • Nurse call automation, patient & staff workflow
  • Asset management
  • Patient and staff safety
  • Hand hygiene
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Compliance monitoring
Time & Temperature
  • Temperature, C02, and humidity
  • Emergency lights, synchronized time
  • Leak detection
Maintenance & Service
  • 24x7x265 response service
  • Testing and inspection
  • Factory-trained technicians
  • Remote diagnostic software support
  • Full-coverage service agreements
  • Customer and end user training
  • Leasing and financing