Did You Know...

The healthcare sector leads all other industries in workplace violence, with 45% of all nonfatal assaults against workers resulting in lost work days in the US.*

This is why security is an ever-growing necessity in the healthcare industry. Kratos PSS has the experience and expertise to provide you with an integrated security solution that addresses your security concerns. 


Monitor Patients & Staff
Kratos PSS can help you monitor your patients and staff, and prevent theft and crime by providing a complete CCTV & Surveillance System.
Control & Restrict Access
Kratos PSS can provide you with an access control system to control the flow of people and restrict access throughout your facilities. 
Streamline Communications
Kratos PSS can equip you with communications technology, such as nurse call, wireless communications, on-site paging, private voice networks, and first responder systems. Learn more on our Hospital Communications Solutions ≫
Comply with Standards & Regulations
Kratos PSS has the expertise to ensure that you meet healthcare standards and regulations, such as the Healthcare Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) and IAHSS guidelines.

Fire & Life Safety
Kratos PSS can provide cost-effective fire protection solutions, such as fire alarms, voice evacuation, mass notification systems, and pre-action detection. 

Maintain Your System & Minimize Risk
Kratos PSS offers customized maintenance and service contracts that will keep your security system up and running at all times and minimize the risk of equipment being out of service.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics