Commercial Real Estate

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The commercial facilities sector presents terrorists with a target-rich environment—more and higher-value soft targets than any other sector.*

That is why security is an ever-growing necessity in the commercial real estate industry. Kratos PSS has the experience and expertise in providing integrated security solutions to commercial real estate developers and tenant management companies. From World Trade Center Tower 1 in New York to Century Park in Los Angeles, our locations across North America can help you increase your security while reducing your costs through an integrated security management system. 


Monitor Visitors & Tenants
Kratos PSS can help you monitor your visitors and tenants, and prevent theft and crime by providing a complete CCTV & Surveillance System including video management.
Visitor Management & Access Control
Kratos PSS can provide you with a visitor management and access control system to manage the flow of people and restrict access throughout your building. We also provide elevator control systems, physical and optical turnstiles, and parking and vehicle management.
Mass Notification Systems
Kratos PSS can provide mass notification systems, which is an integral part of both emergency and non-emergency communications. Mass notification can help minimize loss of human life and give up-to-the-moment information to increase safety.
Comply with Standards & Regulations
Kratos PSS has the expertise to ensure that your building's security system and processes meet your city's standards and regulations.

Fire & Life Safety
Kratos PSS can provide cost-effective fire protection solutions, such as fire alarms, voice evacuation, mass notification systems, and pre-action detection. 

Maintain Your System & Minimize Risk
Kratos PSS offers customized maintenance and service contracts that will keep your security system up and running at all times and minimize the risk of equipment being out of service. All of these can be integrated into a single, seamless system that can increase your building's security while reducing the cost to implement and maintain it.

*“The Evolving Terrorist Threat: Enhancing Vigilance for Commercial Facilities” Department of Homeland Security

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